Real houses straight out of cartoons

The Up house

Disregarding such tedious concepts as “common sense” that would make it seem impossible, a team from National Geographic’s series How Hard Could It Be? decided to bring the house from the Pixar movie Up into the real world. They tethered 300 eight foot diameter balloons to a 16’x16′ lightweight “house” and managed to pilot it with people inside for a flight. The stunt set a record for the “largest balloon cluster flight ever attempted.” Take that, intangible poignant metaphor for closure in the wake of love lost!

There’s also the “Edith Macefield House” in Seattle. A local landmark, the quaint little home and its stubborn elderly owner refused to relocate as taller, more modern buildings were eventually erected around it. While Pixar claims the house in the film wasn’t directly inspired by any real-life home, it bears an uncanny resemblance, and locals have been calling it “The Up House” ever since the film’s release. Visitors frequently tie balloons to the fence in the movie’s honor. Inspiration or not, the house has captured the imagination of so many visitors it may wind up with a film of its own.

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