Actors who ruined their career in a matter of seconds

Paz de la Huerta

With her role as Nucky’s girlfriend in Boardwalk Empire, Paz de la Huerta was about to become a sensation. The actress excelled at sexy, mysterious characters and was more than happy to take off her clothes for a role. When New York Magazine did an article about her before the launch of Boardwalk Empire, they claimed she had once entered a sauna naked (the only one unclothed), rubbed honey all over herself, and then berated other patrons in the sauna. This slightly nutty actress could either use her eccentricity to make great art or go full-blown Sean Young. She chose the Young path.

While she was on the show, she got a reputation as a party girl. TMZ got footage of her super drunk after the Golden Globes. She slipped and fell — not a big deal, but it left her breast hanging out, and she was far too wasted to notice. Next, she was arrested for assault. Allegedly, she threw a glass at a reality star then punched her in the face. The Hollywood Reporter stated that Lindsay Lohan, also attending the party, spent part of her night picking glass shards from the reality star’s leg. When Lohan is the most put-together person at a party in 2011, you know things have gone terribly wrong.

On set, things didn’t seem to be much better. There were many rumors of de la Huerta’s erratic behavior, including a predilection for publicly shaving her pubic hair between shoots and showing up to work drugged and crying. In 2013, Boardwalk Empire had enough and fired her from the show. Turns out running an intoxicated sideshow isn’t the best way to sustain a career.