Adidas launches vomit and beer-repellent sneaker for Oktoberfest

Know a friend who could use these? Adidas Germany has launched a vomit-proof and water-repellent shoe specifically for Oktoberfest to protect wearers from rain, spilled beer, and other assorted liquids.

Along with the lederhosen, dirndl and the Bavarian or Alpine hat, festival revellers headed to Oktoberfest this month can complete their outfit with a pair of limited edition sneakers designed with the clumsy, tipsy beer-chugger in mind.

In an autumnal shade of beer-brown, the full grain, upper leather is treated to be beer, water and puke-repellant — including the shoelaces.

The shoe lining is a red and white check pattern to evoke traditional Oktoberfest tablecloths, and the word Prost or “cheers” is stitched into the side of the shoe.

The “Made in Germany” sneaker retails for €199.95