Athletes with criminal pasts that are playing sports right now

Sean Smith

Smith is a tenacious cornerback for the Oakland Raiders, but he’s not doing much to refute his team’s reputation as the NFL equivalent of Batman’s Rogue’s Gallery. In August 2017, police in Napa, California, arrested Smith on felony assault charges stemming from an incident that took place in Pasadena on the Fourth of July. Smith allegedly celebrated America’s birthday not with fireworks and flag cake, but by stomping on his sister’s boyfriend’s head and also beating up the rest of him. Smith posted $80,000 bail and will be arraigned later. In 2015, Smith missed the first few games of the season because of a 2014 legal issue. While driving in June 2014, Smith hit a light pole and didn’t have his insurance information on him; the athlete pleaded guilty to a DUI charge and received two years’┬áprobation.

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