Characters that almost single-handedly ruined a television show

Seven — Married…With Children

FOX’s first hit was Married…With Children, a series that’s still fondly remembered today. One character is all but forgotten, however, and that may be for the best, as he was a neon symbol that the end was near.

Seven Wanker (yep, that was his real name), after being abandoned by Peggy’s family, is taken in by the Bundys, opening the door for Al’s misery to continue with a new mouth to feed. Still, Al declares him to be a “True Bundy” after the kid kicks someone in the groin during a party. But, with no additional back story and a character too cute for what worked on a non-traditional comedy, Married began to list sideways.

Shane Street, the child actor hired for the role, had little experience, and the audience wasn’t reacting well. The series recognized this, quickly claiming Seven had gotten into the D’arcy family home next door, refusing to leave. Soon, he was retconned out altogether, never spoken of again beyond a few quick gags that reinforced his exiled. Married went on to last another four seasons, so it turned out to be the right move.

While there has been talk of a Married spin-off being in the works, expect Seven to remain forgotten, another victim of the Bundy Curse.