Characters that almost single-handedly ruined a television show

Nellie Bertram — The Office

When Steve Carell’s Michael Scott left The Office during its seventh season, a massive void was left to be filled in the faux-reality world of Scranton, PA’s Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. Brit Eleanour Donna “Nellie” Bertram soon debuted as a potential suitor to Michael’s throne, despite her having no actual qualifications for any of the positions she was trying to get hired for. What’s more, she had horrible social skills, was extremely lonely, depressed, and obsessed with adopting a child. The series also failed to give viewers any reason to care about why she was suddenly dominating the series. Just like real life, an idiot was now seemingly in charge, one who somehow made Michael seem like a genius. That’s a tall, sad order to fill.

Played far too well as having no redeeming qualities whatsoever by Catherine Tate, Nellie was decried for a downturn in the series’ quality. After all, how does one find sympathy in a shopaholic (she once bought 13 pianos at once) with massive credit card debt, who possesses a complete lack of intelligence, and has been crowbarred onto the show? She also pretty much kidnaps a baby in the series finale, taking off for Europe with it.

Nellie is every crazy ex you’ve ever had, all rolled into one. Like your ex, no one misses her.