Cliffhangers that never got resolved

‘Super Mario Bros.’

You think you’re optimistic? You’ve got nothing on the makers of the Super Mario Bros. movie. Despite clearly making one of the dumbest films ever, they actually ended on a cliffhanger. Daisy returns to the brothers, gun in hand, saying she needs their help again. Obviously, a sequel never came to fruition, thanks to the critical and commercial lambasting the original took. (It made $20 million on a $48 million budget, and most critics didn’t think it was worth watching.) Since then, we’ve had to fill the void with awesome Mario video game after awesome Mario video game.

If you truly must know what might have happened in Super Mario Bros. 2, then turn to fan fiction. In 2013, two fans named Steven Applebaum and Ryan Hoss spoke with Parker Bennett, one of the film’s writers. They turned what they learned in that conversation into an unofficial sequel comic, which you can read for free. In it, Mario and Luigi encounter a new threat: a monster named Wart ruling from inside an area of Dinohattan called Subcon. Yes, it’s Super Mario 2, kind of. Oh, and the comic also ended on a cliffhanger, perhaps the most fitting tribute to the original movie imaginable.