Cliffhangers that never got resolved

‘Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman’

Lois & Clark was a Superman story that focused just as much on Superman’s relationship with Lois as the part where he’s a superhero and keeps saving the world. The end of Season 4 included a plot twist that fit this love story: Lois and Clark find themselves a baby. Unfortunately, the network executives chose to cancel the series before we could learn anything about the baby — after all, this was to be Superman’s adopted kid. No way would he have just grown up to be a normal boy.

According to a Krypton Site interview with Brad Buckner, Lois and Clark’s executive producer from Season 3 and 4, that was to most certainly be the case. Though he does admit “it’s starting to get a bit fuzzy” in his mind, he seems to recall that the kid would have been Kryptonian royalty. He would have grown at a super-rapid rate (going from infant to pre-teen within months, much like Baby Groot) and would have trouble learning to responsibly use his powers, like many an awkward adolescent. Sadly, this “fuzzy” memory is the closest we’re likely to ever get to what could’ve been.