Cliffhangers that never got resolved

‘V’ (2009-2011)

When ABC revived V as a brand-new series in 2009, it ignored all that came before. The Visitors, led by their Queen, Anna now promise they “come in peace,” only to take over Earth as a human resistance rises against them. Happens. Despite excitement for the revival bringing in fourteen million viewers, V quickly lost steam, leading to the network actually shutting down production at one point to map a new strategy.

By the finale, producers stole the strategy of the original V, killing major characters off with reckless abandon. The Visitors use the Queen’s hypnotic bliss powers to take over the entire world with the exception of a few underground — yes, as in literally underground — fighters. More aliens arrive and … well, thanks for watching. You are now Visitor vittles.

While the Visitors brought amazing technology, the one thing that couldn’t provide were ratings power. The audience dissipated after the pilot aired, as viewers gave up on slow plots and the lack of heart that the original ’80s mini-series offered. Frustrated, ABC offered the Lizards a second chance, with an abbreviated second season. When ratings stayed cold-blooded, the network felt it was prudent to cut bait fast enough to leave the entire fate of humanity itself up in the air. Cold-blooded reptiles, indeed.