Cliffhangers that never got resolved

‘The Event’

NBC heavily promoted The Event, built around the idea of an impending incident that would change humanity forever, namely aliens invading to rescue their fellow aliens, who have been imprisoned in an Alaskan gulag since crashing there decades ago. All sorts of intergalactic espionage and politics played out over the course of the series — in the end, it is revealed that “The Event” is actually that the aliens create a massive vortex that brings their entire planet into orbit next to Earth. Oh, and the President’s wife reveals she’s secretly one of the aliens, so Mr. President has an alien baby mama. Who wrote this, Springer?

The series’ cancellation was not as much of a shock as the series going away, since the audience had considerably dropped since its big premiere, showing once again that a big marketing blitz will get you on the map, but not in the game. Series creator Nick Wauters promised that “one way or another,” they would continue the story but in the end, the series was left without a partner seeking to continue the story. So, The Event actually turned out to be a giant plate of non-closure, with a side order of cancellation.