Cliffhangers that never got resolved


BBC’s Survivors featured the joyous premise of Earth’s population being almost totally wiped out by a super-flu released by an evil corporation. Think The Walking Dead minus zombies, plus British accents, and minus Rick Grimes head tilting. The series ran for two seasons, with our heroes confronting those responsible for murdering much of the humanity in the finale. At the end, Tom, a former convict who found his redemption over the course of the series, stows away on the corporation’s plane as they flee — angry, armed and waiting in hiding to exact revenge.

Despite strong reviews, the BBC opted to discontinue the series, citing a decision to try a “broad range of varied and ambitious drama,” which was secret code for “not enough viewers.” In a strange twist of fate, another illness may have led to a “do not resuscitate” order for the series, as the second season was postponed due to the outbreak of a real life bird flu scare developing across the world. It’s not very entertaining to watch the super flu show when people really are dropping dead from an unknown virus.

So, real life health concerns helped wipe out a show about the survivors of a major health disaster. Thanks a bunch, birds!