Cliffhangers that never got resolved

‘My Name Is Earl’

You probably know a lot about My Name is Earl — it was quite the successful show. But if you had stuck around to the end, you’ll know Jason Lee never completed everything on his list of do-gooding, karma-building tasks. See, after four seasons of wacky adventures, we got a literal “To Be Continued” graphic, promising to reveal the parentage of Earl Jr., who was obviously not Earl’s. Problem is, with costs rising for a fifth season, NBC opted to cut bait. Series creator Greg Garcia snarked, “It’s hard to be upset about being thrown off the Titanic” in response. That’s one of saying many viewers had not stuck around to the end.

TBS sought to pick up the series, but finances were the one thing Earl couldn’t cross off his list. Depending on who’s telling the story, either TBS or Garcia cut off discussions, for fear of what it would cost to mount Season Five. Yep, despite winning the lottery, losing his ticket, and then finding it again, it was ultimately cold hard cash that led to Earl never getting to complete his list. Garcia would go on to make Earl references aplenty on follow-up series Raising Hope (even having one character kick a NBC exec in the groin for canceling Earl) but poor Lee is trapped forever in syndication purgatory, his heroic journey left unresolved.