Cliffhangers that never got resolved

‘Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles’

When you make a show about time travel like Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, you need to have your ducks in a row. Instead, the show ended on a cliffhanger that completely wiped out the entire Terminator storyline. In the finale, John Connor gets sent to the future, meaning he didn’t do his job (stop Judgment Day) in the present. Ergo, nobody in the future had ever heard of him, and that’s how the series ended: the once-savior of humanity reduced to anonymity, eliminating any reason for Arnold Schwarzenegger to stalk him in the first place.

Rather than give Sarah a chance to fix this time paradox, Fox canceled the show outright. According to Syfy, Fox felt the show had become too expensive. Plus (believe it or not) the executives thought the story was all done, creatively speaking. These bigwigs must be the kind of people who read books up until the final chapter and then just quit. As for what could’ve been, we have no idea. The website Cliqueclack asked series creator John Friedman to explain how he would’ve ended the show, and he flat-out refused. As he explained on Twitter, he never wants to tell because “every show is a dialogue between creator & viewer. Every time creator says what s/he would do w/o an episode to show it, it’s a monologue.” Sounds like we’re stuck with the ending we got. So yeah, it all just never happened.