Cliffhangers that never got resolved

’28 Weeks Later’

28 Days Later begat 28 Weeks Later, which ended on a cliffhanger that foretold what would almost certainly be 28 Months Later. At the very end of Weeks, survivors fleeing London get chased out of their helicopter by ravenous zombies, and as the furiously chaotic shaky cam settles down, you see the Eiffel Tower in the background. The plague has spread to Paris and will probably soon encompass the rest of France and all of Europe. Sadly, to date, nobody’s followed up on this massive plot thickening at all.

Part of the issue is that Alex Garland, who wrote Days but not Weeks, typically abhors sequels and has no real interest in returning to his zombie world. In addition, as he explained in a 2010 interview with Worst Previews, the rights to Days (and presumably, the franchise) were “frozen between a group of people who are no longer talking to each other.” In a 2015 interview with IndieWire, Garland elaborated that “group” was himself, Fox, director Danny Boyle, and producer Andrew McDonald, but also said that he had an idea for Months that he effectively gave to Boyle and McDonald, who will likely take Garland’s ideas and build an entire film around them. Maybe. There’s no word on when or if Months will ever grace theaters, but let’s hope it’s soon. That way, Fox can get around to finishing the rest of the saga. 28 Centuries Later, anyone? Millennia? Epochs? Eternities? Sequels forever.