Cliffhangers that never got resolved


Deadwood, the exquisitely vulgar and violent HBO western, ended on both a nonviolent and ambiguous note, which likely satisfied very few of its fans. Basically, the long-awaited showdown between baron George Hearst and the town of Deadwood wound up not being a showdown — Hearst just backed down and left, but not before forcing Al Swearengen (who still owns the most appropriate character name ever) to kill a woman at his request. Last we see, Swearengen is scrubbing her blood off the floor, attempting to cover up his crime. What was the fallout? Would he answer for his crimes? Would Hearst? Would anyone? We don’t know, because HBO wouldn’t let us know.

While ratings for Deadwood were fine, the price tag was not. As TVSeriesFinale reported, HBO got nervous because Deadwood’s creator, David Milch, started work on another HBO series, John from Cincinnati, and HBO worried he wouldn’t be able to commit to Deadwood for a while. They didn’t want to keep paying actors’ salaries if they weren’t acting, so they waved bye-bye to the beautiful, safe hamlet of Deadwood. The hope is that, one day, we’ll get a movie to wrap things up. As SlashFilm reports, that supposed movie has been bandied about for some time now. Sometimes it’s going to happen, other times it’s not, but Swearengen vessel Ian McShane is down to do it, and we’re all down to see it.