Cliffhangers that never got resolved


Hannibal Lecter is the rare cannibal we’d quite like to stick around forever. Unfortunately, that’s currently not happening, as NBC pulled the plug on Hannibal in 2015 after three seasons. Deadline reported the cause as low ratings (Hannibal had a heavy cult following, but a weak heartbeat isn’t enough to keep a show on life support these days). Unfortunately, this axing happened before the series’ storyline wrapped up, leaving us with a final image of Will Graham, the detective obsessed with bringing Lecter down, killing a man, deciding he loves it, embracing Hannibal, and sending the two plummeting over a cliff to their apparent deaths. Apparent because the camera pans down the cliff to show rocks, crashing waves … and no visible bodies. It’s the Sherlock Holmes/Moriarty ending: did they survive? Did they die? Will NBC ever throw us a bone and let us find out?

Probably not, which is why Hannibal showrunner Bryan Fuller is hoping to shop the show to other networks. As he told Collider, “The cast is game, I’m game, it’s just a matter of finding the right time where everybody’s schedules sync up.” Amazon owned the streaming rights until August 2017, and it clearly wasn’t interested in new episodes. (They would’ve been ordered.) In 2016, Fuller said he hoped to pitch elsewhere after Amazon was out of the picture so he could give us all closure on what happened to Will and Hannibal. Cannibal drama on Netflix or HBO? Yes, please.