Creepy paranormal documentaries that will make you question everything

There’s no shortage of horror films in this great wide world of ours, and if you want to be scared sleepless by haunted dolls, masked murderers, werewolves, sexy vampires, or ghostly chatrooms, you can find them all in some format or another. But sometimes these aren’t enough to scare you because that fourth wall of fiction protects you.

You know Freddy Krueger won’t get you because he’s just Robert Englund in a mask. You know werewolves aren’t real, and sexy vampires just want to play baseball and make sexy vampire babies with you. You know Unfriended couldn’t happen because it’s impossible that a Skype chat with that many people could go that long without crashing.

What you need in your horror is that tang of the real, that soupçon of verisimilitude that comes from first-hand witnesses, expert interviews, and corny reenactments. You want a spooky documentary, but maybe not like true crime? That’s a little too real. You want that happy medium between unreal and too real.

Great news. Here are real-life documentaries about ghosts, cryptids, and aliens to wind you up when you’re making bad late-night decisions. A few of them might even not be hoaxes. Happy viewing!