Creepy paranormal documentaries that will make you question everything

The Blackwell Ghost

Most of the documentaries on this list will have you questioning things. “Have we been visited by UFOs?” “Are ghosts real?” “Do Bigfoots come from outer space?” On the other hand, 2017’s The Blackwell Ghost will have you asking a completely different question: “Is this even a documentary?”

The answer is, “Almost definitely not.” A critical eye while watching will reveal some small inconsistencies and coincidences that should get your skepticism sense tingling. However, all the promotional text associated with the film swear up and down that it’s an authentic documentary and not just another found-footage horror film. So if you take this movie at face value and accept that it’s a real documentary, what do you have?

Well, there’s a filmmaker whose name is never revealed who takes his wife to stay in a haunted house in order to try to determine whether ghosts are real. And, as happens in the similarly suspect Pantry Ghost, the activity increases the longer he stays and the more he antagonizes the ghost with his filming until he finds himself fully tormented by a spectral murderer.

If, as it claims, the footage is authentic (it’s not), then what this movie catches on tape is truly shocking. If it’s just a horror movie trying to market itself with some Blair Witch-style buzz, it’s still pretty good, but if you want to check out a horror mockumentary, you might do better to point your peepers at Lake Mungo.