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My Amityville Horror

Chances are, you’re at least nominally familiar with The Amityville Horror. You might have read the 1977 book by Jay Anson or seen the 1979 film or its 2005 remake or its truly staggering number of sequels. Or maybe you’re a cool, smart, good-looking person who read about it on our list of the most famous ghosts in American history.

However it is you know about the infamous haunting of the Lutz home, there is, like Jell-O, always room for one more interpretation, right? Have you ever watched the classic film up to the scene where the buzzing of the flies drives the priest crazy and he runs out of the house and said to yourself, “Dang, I wonder what the kid in this family will have to say about this 35 years from now?” Well, buddy, is there ever a film for you.

My Amityville Horror came out in 2012 and is an account of the Amityville haunting from the perspective of the now-adult Daniel Lutz, who was only a child at the time of the haunting. While the movie does look at the haunting from his point of view, it’s also a look at the way being associated with a notoriously famous haunting since childhood has affected Daniel psychologically.

While it is certainly the most personal version of the Amityville haunting to date, given how prolific the franchise is, hang on for a minute and they’ll probably release a version from the perspective of the pig monster.