Creepy paranormal documentaries that will make you question everything

The Pantry Ghost Documentary

The “pantry ghost” phenomenon began with a series of YouTube videos in 2007 in which a man claimed there was a ghost inhabiting his pantry, obviously. While the interaction began just with a vision barely caught in the background of an unrelated video, the man soon found that his pantry door opened every night at the same time, 12:34 a.m. As your Paranormal Activity-trained instincts have probably suggested to you, the phenomena only escalate as he continues to film and interact with the spirit until he and his family are forced to move out of his house and his marriage dissolves.

The authenticity of these videos has been hotly debated in the decade since they first appeared, and the 2013 documentary about the pantry ghost with the pretty on-the-nose name The Pantry Ghost Documentary, is not likely to quell those debates. The film adds interviews with each member of the family involved, giving the background of how the original videos came to be made and what happened to the family afterward. Depending on who you are, these interviews and reenactments may lend added verisimilitude to the story for you, or they may have you shouting “That girl is a terrible actress!” at the screen.

Either way, there’s no debate that the alleged ghost footage in this film is pretty shocking, and it’ll definitely have you questioning how it was done, whether by human or inhuman means.