Creepy paranormal documentaries that will make you question everything

Out of the Blue

Maybe you’re not into ghosts, though. Maybe you think ghosts are for little babies. Maybe you chew up shadow people from another dimension and spit them out like the pap they are. Maybe you’ve been flying through this list getting increasingly irate and shouting into the ether, “When will they get to that good good alien content that I crave?”

Well, shout no more. The aliens have arrived. Or have they? That’s the question posed by the 2002 TV documentary Out of the Blue, a feature-length film that calls itself “the definitive investigation of the UFO phenomenon.” Its reputation backs up that bold claim, as it is generally regarded as perhaps the best UFO documentary ever. Heck, it’s got a 7.7/10 rating on IMDb, which, if you browse IMDb regularly, you know is basically equivalent to a 117 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.

This film is packed with interviews with experts, from scientists to eyewitnesses to high-ranking military officials in an attempt to prove both that some unidentified flying objects actually may have alien origins and the means by which the government has attempted to smother public belief in extraterrestrials, including derision of those who claim to have experienced close encounters. If alien encounters and government conspiracies are more your cup of tea than ghostly little girls hiding in the kitchen or eerie footprints in the train tunnel, then Out of the Blue and its sequel I Know What I Saw are probably for you.