Good Luck, Lindsay! Jen Garner And Ben Affleck’s Mom Are Still The Best Of Friends

This can’t be an easy situation for the actor’s new lady love!

Jennifer Garner spent the morning taking her kids to school with Ben Affleck’s mom, and it’s pretty clear the two are still super close after the mother-of-three’s split from her A-list hubby. Rumor has it the Oscar winner’s mistress-turned-girlfriend is nervous to meet his family, and we can see why!

“Lindsay’s been avoiding this so far, but meeting Ben’s mom, his brother Casey and the extended family is something’s she’s going to have to face. She’s terrified at facing their questions on how she and Ben met and fell in love. But she’s starting to run out of excuses – and Ben’s family members are beginning to wonder what’s up,” a source dished to Radar.

As far as Jen is concerned, she’s so over her former spouse that she doesn’t even care if Lindsay spends time with the kids!

“Ben asked Jen if it would be OK if he brought Lindsay to the kids’ school events. Jen told him she had absolutely no issue with it. Ben kept asking Jen if she truly meant that it was fine. After everything he put her through over the last couple of years, she just wants to be done with the drama. She no longer cares about “whatever he has going on in his life,” as long as the kids are happy and healthy,” another source told Life & Style.

Jen G is the perfect example of how to handle a breakup with class!