Lamest ways to die in a video game

Fail a simple cut scene in Dead Space 2, die horribly

Dead Space 2 has a lot of ridiculous death scenes, seemingly because the programmers found themselves wondering what would happen if you just decided to leap into a giant fan that happens to be part of the background scenery.

The one that we’re talking about, however, is actually pretty avoidable. It’s part of a cut scene that you have to complete to move forward in the game, and in the video, you can see the player actively avoiding the blue highlights indicating the proper time to advance the memory-wiping device. If you go to the trouble to screw up this incredibly simple mini-game, you are “rewarded” with a gratuitous shot of the device suddenly gouging its way into the player’s eye and through his skull. Which, honestly, is the sort of thing you were probably hoping for, screwing up a mini-game that insures eye trauma either way. Weirdo.