Lamest ways to die in a video game

Mass Effect 2: maybe don’t hook up with a sex vampire serial killer

In Mass Effect 2, depending on gameplay, you could find yourself dealing with a character called Morinth. She is an Ardak-Yakshi, or “Demon Of The Night Winds,” a cursed subset of Asari that are compulsive “sex vampires.” Due to a genetic defect, any attempt to procreate with an Ardak-Yakshi leads to a neurological overload, bringing paralysis or death to the partner. In the game, she is known as a serial killer.

These are all things you already know in advance. Yet you still have the option to seduce her, if you hate either yourself (or this game) enough. All it takes is engaging in some extremely cringey dialog that has about a dozen red flags last time we checked, and then you “hook up.” By which we mean you don’t even get to kiss her before you start twitching and die painfully. What a rip off.