Lamest ways to die in a video game

The Kings Quest series lets you trip over a cat to your death

The Kings Quest series is notable as both a classic adventure game, one of the earliest of its type with animation, and also being the brainchild of Roberta Williams, co-founder of Sierra Online and one of the earliest and most successful women video game designers. It’s also important to learn Roberta’s name because you will curse it frequently, whether because of the infamously asinine “Rumplestiltskin” puzzle, or simply due to the overabundance of humiliating ways to die in the Kings Quest game series.

One screen away from the castle where you start in the first Kings Quest, you can endure the humiliation of finding out — the hard way — that they only created one animation for moving a rock you find there. If you push it facing the wrong direction, it rolls right over you, regardless of physics. By the third game in the series, they crafted sublimely infurating deaths, including one where you trip over a wisecracking cat and fall to your death. Because cats are jerks.

On the other hand, this seems a far more likely way to die for some of us than we would rather admit.