Lamest ways to die in a video game

Quest For Glory invites suicide by lockpick

Quest For Glory was created by Sierra Online, who also created Kings Quest, and the games share a penchant for sadistic ways to spectacularly fail and die. The game is distinctive from other Sierra titles by having a role-playing element, where you can choose classes and traits of your character that alter their fate. In this case, one of the classes offers the opportunity to see the most mind-numbingly stupid death in the entire game.

Committing suicide in games by using weapons and such on your character isn’t a particularly new, or startling, gameplay development. Sometimes it really seems like game designers get bored of plotting out seemingly endless combinations of items and uses, and really want to drive home that using items in certain ways is dumb and you should be punished for being dumb enough to try it. And as such, we have this one: to pull this ridiculous death off, you have to select the thief character, take your trusty lockpick, and … use it on yourself. Despite all the training you must have acquired in the use of this device, being a thief and all, your character decides to haphazardly jam it into their nasal cavity, puncturing their brain and ending it all immediately. Because screw you, and screw making sense.