Lamest ways to die in a video game

In Sonic CD, you can commit suicide out of boredom

Sonic The Hedgehog is known for going fast. It’s his raison d’etre, and why Sega fans had to pretend “Blast Processing” was an actual thing for an embarrassing part of the ’90s. From the very first game, Sonic has expressed his disdain for your slow, not-blast-processed ways, stomping his feet and glaring at you to get with the program if you hesitate too long without hitting a button.

Normally, you would down some Sonic-shaped Spaghetti-Os like in the terrifying psychedelic commercials, and get with the program. In Sonic CD, however, they take advantage of the new system platform to express how thoroughly done with your crap they are. After a long-enough period of inactivity, Sonic completely loses his will to live, yells “I’m outta here!” and dives through the fourth wall to his death and an immediate endgame. And like … is there a sound of children cheering his suicide on? That’s … morbid.