Lamest ways to die in a video game

Killer Instinct has a boob-based fatality

Now, to certain folks, this death probably doesn’t seem so lame. In fact, you might even welcome such a way to go. But bear (bare?) with us for a second.

Let’s start with the execution. Orchid is clearly wearing some sort of full-body one-piece sports outfit in all the game closeups. The fatality includes the sound of a zipper that isn’t there, and whipping open a jacket-like top that doesn’t doesn’t match up with how the outfit is put together. But let’s say you find that forgivable. Even still, many of the opponents — like robots and ice monsters — just don’t seem like they’d normally be responsive to something like this. One is actually a totally well past dead-as-dirt skeleton. And yet, somehow, the skeleton suddenly has eyes that bug out of his head. Seems like a bit of a wasted opportunity not to have used the bug-eyed animation go full Looney Tunes with the werewolf, since we’re apparently okay with completely sacrificing the dignity of all the characters.