Lamest ways to die in a video game

In The Sims 2, they just embrace that you want to kill your character

The Sims is a wholesome, if kinda baffling when you think about it, game at its core. You create a for-the-most-part fairly normal character, and live out a for-the-most-part normal life: going to work, furnishing your home, looking for companionship. It’s not really a game where outright murder comes to mind, but gamers being the kind of people they are, it sort of became a thing.

With the very first game, it was difficult, but not impossible, to kill off your character. You could electrocute yourself with mishandled appliances or catch a disease from a pet you refused to clean up after, but it was mostly punitive stuff for extreme negligence. Players, of course, took this as a challenge, inventing elaborate Saw-like traps to torture Sims to death. They might delete doors from a house on fire, or just delete doors in general, trapping the Sim so they slowly starve to death. A quicker, and more popular, way involved inviting everyone in the neighborhood over for a pool party, and then selling the pool ladder so they can never, ever get out.

But those were technically glitches. By Saw– er, Sims 2, the creators included all sorts of goofy ways to kill off your character, to the point where your character can’t even look at the sky too long, without a satellite falling out of the sky and crushing them. Maybe it’s a bit … overkill? Ha ha, be sure to tip your waitress we’re not even done with the article yet.