Lamest ways to die in a video game

Never dig straight down in Minecraft

Minecraft is an open-world game that is nearly twice as big as the world the people playing it actually live on. You can do … pretty much anything there, within the functional limitations of the game’s internal physics. People have manipulated the physics of said world to build working computing machines that can save and load their own data … in a world essentially saved on the hard drive of their own computing machine (*insert Inception sound effect here).

One thing you should never, ever do, however, is dig straight down. You almost wonder why they even included the ability in the game because it leads to certain doom (maybe that’s why). You could plunge through the roof of a gigantic cavern and fall to your death or, if you’re more industrious and lucky(???) you could dig yourself into the lava core of the planet. It’s … pretty bad news, either way.