Rob Kardashian Suing Blac Chyna For Assault And Battery

My how the tables have turned!

Rob Kardashian has filed an assault and battery lawsuit against Blac Chyna, claiming that she tried to choke him with a phone cord while high on drugs and alcohol before trashing his sister Kylie Jenner’s home, which they were living in at the time, The Blast reports. Yikes!

Kardashian claims on the night of December 14, 2016, he was on FaceTime with two friends when his baby mama picked up his gun and pointed it at the camera. She then proceeded to try and strangle him with an iPhone charger, and although he got away, she chased after him and repeatedly kicked and punched him. He claims to have photographic evidence of the injuries.

As if that wasn’t enough, she flew into a blind rage and decided to trash the house, damaging a television, breaking down a door, damaging the walls, destroying cell phones and smashing a gingerbread house that was made for the holidays in the process.

Big mistake, as Kylie is now suing too, claiming that she caused an excess of $100K in damages. The LipKit queen also says that BC taunted her by telling her to get an STD test because she was dating Tyga at the time.

The suit describes the mother-of-two as “a stripper who created a reputation as a money-hungry pseudo-celebrity” and “has little, if any, accomplishments in the entertainment industry.” Ouch! So why didn’t he go public with this info sooner? Kardashian says it’s because he was still in love with her, and didn’t want to make a huge scene that would end up in the media. He also didn’t want the mother of his child carted off to jail in handcuffs.

Chyna is threatening her own lawsuit over the revenge porn incident this summer, as well as for lost Rob & Chyna wages. She claims that she’s owed millions from the family because they cost her the show, which reportedly paid her $112K-an-episode.

Good lucking beating Kris Jenner’s lawyers in court, Chyna! It’s NOT going to go well for you!