Stars you may not know passed away

Kenny Baker

You never saw his face, you never heard his voice, but Kenny Baker was one of the most recognizable actors in movie history. Standing just 3’8″ tall, Kenny Baker went down in history as a giant. From A New Hope in 1977 to Revenge of the Sith in 2005, Kenny Baker was the man inside the suit in every Star Wars movie that featured R2-D2.

In addition to the Star Wars films, Kenny Baker also acted in Labyrinth, Time Bandits, Willow, and The Elephant Man. For years, Baker suffered from a lung condition, and the English actor finally succumbed to the illness on August 13, 2016. He was 81 years old, and he reportedly died peacefully in his sleep. George Lucas said that he was the “heart and soul” of R2-D2, a man who always worked hard to bring the robot to life.