Stars you may not know passed away

Talia Joy Castellano

Talia Joy Castellano wasn’t a YouTube star for very long, but only because cancer took her too early. Not just too early for her career — Talia was 13 when she passed, and that’s too young for anyone.

At age 7, Castellano was diagnosed with cancer. She responded by focusing on making herself as beautiful as possible. She discovered makeup and, in 2011, started a YouTube channel devoted to makeup and beauty tutorials. She quickly became popular — so much so, in fact, that she appeared on Ellen in 2012. There, Ellen and CoverGirl magazine dubbed her an honorary CoverGirl, with her own cover and everything. Showing people a clip of it is Step 1 in determining whether they’re robots.

Sadly, the next year her cancer became terminal, and on July 16, 2013, Castellano passed away surrounded by family. Regardless, she reportedly met her death while remaining happy, just as she would hope all her fans were every day.