Stars you may not know passed away

Ray Combs

Before Steve Harvey, Family Feud had comedian Ray Combs, the first guy to attempt hosting the show after Richard Dawson retired. He started in 1988, three years after Dawson left and Mark Goodson Productions decided to reboot the show. Unfortunately for Combs, audiences didn’t take to him nearly as well, and his stint on the show was done by 1994. His replacement? Richard Dawson. That probably stung more than if he’d been replaced by another young up-and-coming comedian instead.

Life quickly spiraled downward for Combs after being let go from Feud. He made several bad financial decisions, was dealing with a divorce, and had severely injured his spine in an auto accident. All that, plus a failed comeback on a game show called The Love Psychic, sent Combs into a severe depression. In June 1996, police were summoned to his home — he was trashing the place and attempting to hurt himself. He was placed in psychiatric care, but it did no good. The next day, on June 2, 1996, the 40-year-old Combs hung himself with a hospital bed sheet, ending his misery in the saddest way possible.