Stars you may not know passed away

Amanda Peterson

In 1987, 15-year-old Amanda Peterson catapulted into our hearts with her breakout role in Can’t Buy Me Love. It was a shining moment that burned all too briefly for the teen star. Can’t Buy Me Love was, sadly, the height of her career. In the decades after, Peterson developed a drug habit and was arrested multiple times for drug possession and assault.

In July 2015, Amanda Peterson’s body was found in her home after her family became worried that she hadn’t spoken with them for two days. The 43-year-old reportedly had a cocktail of drugs in her system, and the cause of death was officially chalked down to respiratory failure. Following her untimely death, her family revealed in an emotional interview that, as a 15-year-old, Amanda Peterson had been raped by a man nearly twice her age, a horrifying incident which left emotional scars that never completely went away. Maybe Cindy Mancini was right after all: the moon looks different now. It’s not as mysterious or romantic as before.