Stars you may not know passed away

Rob Knox

Rob Knox is relatively well-known to fans of the Harry Potter film franchise — he played ice cream-loving Ravenclaw Marcus Belby in Half-Blood Prince — though he should’ve been known for far more than that. Unfortunately, due to his incredibly untimely death, his career never advanced past that one big role.

Knox was set to return for Deathly Hallows, despite Belby not appearing in the Hallows novel, but tragedy struck before filming could commence. On May 24, 2008, Knox was at a pub with his younger brother in London when a man appeared, brandishing knives and screaming for a fight. He went after Knox’s brother, but Knox (also an aspiring rugby player) rushed in to defend him. Unfortunately, this left Rob with four stab wounds, and he died that day. He was only 18.

A year later, his killer, Karl Bishop, was sentenced to life in prison. Around that time, during Half-Blood Prince‘s premiere, the cast wore white ribbons, both as a tribute to Knox and to raise awareness of the knife violence that was sadly prominent at the time in England.