Strange facts you never knew about twins

The whole concept of twins sounds like something out of a wacky science fiction story, probably one that also involves Tralfamadorians and/or money trees. Seriously, think about it: people with a genetic duplicate, formed at the same time, and even sharing the same DNA? Yeah, clones in the womb. Got it. C’mon, Vonnegut, you’re stretching reality too far this time.

Everyone knows the basic story of the birds and the bees. Mr. Sperm swims around and meets Ms. Egg, then boom — fertilization! But twins are like the clever plot twist that no one ever saw coming. Ask any twin, and they’ll tell you that having a natural clone is, well, pretty much the coolest thing ever. But being a twin is about more than just sharing secret handshakes and casually switching classes in high school.