The untold truth of Floyd Mayweather

He’s assaulted multiple women

There’s no denying that Floyd Mayweather is one of the best boxers ever, but despite his athletic abilities and mainstream success, the man has a serious dark side. “Money” Mayweather has done some truly horrible things outside the ring, even serving time behind bars.

According to Deadspin, Mayweather has been involved in at least seven assaults going back to 2001. (Those are just the ones he was arrested or cited for.) In 2001, he slammed Melissa Brim, the mother of one of his daughters, in the face with a car door before hitting her multiple times. Then just a few months later, he punched Brim in the neck while they were shopping.

In 2003, Mayweather attacked two women in a nightclub without provocation before assaulting a female security guard. Later that year, Josie Harris — the mother of three Mayweather children — claimed that Mayweather punched and kicked her before dragging her out of a car. For some reason, Harris later rescinded most of those claims, but things tragically escalated in 2010.

After learning Harris was involved with NBA player C.J. Watson, Mayweather (who was no longer seeing Harris at the time) stormed into her house, grabbed Harris by the hair, twisted her arm, and punched her multiple times in the head, threatening to kill both her and Watson. Luckily for Harris, her 10-year-old son managed to escape the house and get the police, and as a result, Mayweather was sentenced to 90 days in jail … although he only served two months.

Unfortunately, Mayweather’s abusive behavior doesn’t get a lot of play in the media — especially sports media — and many seem to ignore his criminal activities. After all, he’s the biggest name in boxing. Everything he touches turns to gold, and you don’t want to hurt your top moneymaker, even if he hurts everyone around him.