The untold truth of Floyd Mayweather

Mayweather’s perfect record

Love him or hate him, you’ve got to admit that Floyd Mayweather Jr. is one of the best boxers to ever step inside the squared circle. The man has been trading blows since age 10. In addition to winning the U.S. Championships and National Police Athletic League tournament (both really big deals), he’s also a three-time Golden Glove champ. To cap off his amateur career, he took home the bronze medal at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.

After representing the U.S. at the Olympic Games, Mayweather went pro and started racking up wins. He’s battled some of the best in the business, including Carlos Baldomir, “Canelo” Alvarez, Zab Judah, and of course, Oscar De La Hoya, and Manny Pacquiao. And after every single showdown, Mayweather is the guy who gets his hand raised in the air. In total, Mayweather has a professional record of 50-0, tied with the legendary Rocky Marciano.

Still not impressed? Mayweather has fought in five different weight classes, from super featherweight (130 pounds) to junior middleweight (154 pounds), and he’s won 16 titles over the course of his illustrious career. In his 50 fights, Mayweather has only suffered one official knockdown … and that came after he hit a dude so hard with his broken hand that Mayweather bent over in pain and touched the canvas with his glove, prompting the ref to make the call.

Why is it so hard to knock Mayweather down? He’s practically impossible to touch He’s one of the very best defensive boxers in history, and thanks to his evasive style, he’s still picking up wins in his old age. In fact, Mayweather has won three bouts past the age of 38, something that even Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard, and Mike Tyson couldn’t do.