The untold truth of Floyd Mayweather

The men who’ve beaten Mayweather

As a professional, Mayweather is 50-0, but as an amateur, Mayweather wasn’t always so successful. Before going pro, “Pretty Boy” Floyd actually lost eight of his 92 bouts, suffering his first defeat in Michigan, courtesy of Arnulfo Bravo. He was later defeated by Martin Castillo, Carlos Navarro, Juan Carlos Ramirez, Noureddine Medjihoud, and Trigran Ouzlian.

The last two men who bested Mayweather were Augie Sanchez and Serafim Todorov. Mayweather and Sanchez were actually friends who’d roomed together in 1994 and had competed on the same fight team. But when it came to try out for the ’96 Olympics, the two squared off in a series of three matches. Mayweather took bouts one and two, but Sanchez gained a bit of boxing immortality by beating Mayweather in their second match.

Instead of acting bitter, Mayweather praises Sanchez as the last guy who ever beat him in a fair fight, which brings us to the Serafim Todorov controversy. The American faced the Bulgarian during the Atlanta Olympics, and most people believe Mayweather actually won the fight. However, Todorov walked away the victor, and many think there was some shady business going on behind the scenes. Even Todorov admits there might’ve been a corrupt judge scoring the bout.

Sadly, Todorov’s legacy was smeared by the controversy, and due to some bad decisions following the Olympics, his boxing career fell apart. As of 2015, the man was living on less than $500 a month, which just goes to show that the victor isn’t always the one who gets the spoils.