The untold truth of The Big Lebowski

There was a short-lived store that sold exclusively Big Lebowski merchandise

Little Lebowski was a Greenwich Village store that sold nothing but The Big Lebowski-related merchandise, and it stayed open for a surprisingly long time doing exclusively that. Owner Roy Preston started out running a children’s bookstore in the same location starting in 2007, but just could not get the level of business he needed to keep the bills paid. Realizing he was close to closing down, he went out on a limb and started stocking t-shirts for his favorite film. This brought in some new business, but he still struggled.

Jeff Bridges’ 2010 Oscar win, and the resulting boost in interest in his films, was a godsend to Preston. His store finally in the black, it became a wall-to-wall shrine to the then more than twenty-year-old film. The film played on loop on a television inside, the store had a mini-bowling alley in back, and, as well as t-shirts, they also sold bobble-heads, cardboard cutouts of the characters and even rugs. You know, to tie the room together. Preston would even sell White Russians to customers stumbling in from nearby bars to help boost interest.

From 2011-2014, the store did really well, but eventually Preston had to close shop. He now sells Lebowski-related trinkets online, but it’s not the same, man.