The untold truth of The Big Lebowski

There is a legally recognized religion based on The Big Lebowski

In these trying times, if you are having a bit of a spiritual crisis, you could do a lot worse than converting to Dudeism. Founded by Oliver Benjamin, The Church Of The Latter Day Dude is a bit more complex than you may immediately suspect. Followers find as much solace in its blend of Taoist and Epicurean philosophy as they do in obsessively reciting lines from the film while ordering White Russians until you find someone else to sit next to at the bar.

As a legally recognized religion, ordained priests of Dudeism are able to perform legally recognized rites like marriages, and seem pretty progressive about who they will give their blessing to. So maybe even if you are not interested in converting, you could still keep them in mind for taking on any number of normally stuffy, traditional events you have coming up in a more casual, laid-back manner.