What will happen before the year 2100

83 percent of the Amazon rain forest will be gone by 2100

One of the saddest things our planet has lost over the decades is our rain forest, and the way things are going, we aren’t getting any of it back anytime soon. In fact, we’re set to lose much more of it before this century is through.

In 2009, the UK’s national weather service¬†unleashed a report saying that, based on global trends, the world was set to get hotter by 4 degrees Celsius (39.3 degrees Fahrenheit) by 2055. And that’s just an average: Some parts of the world may jump an insane 16 degrees Celsius, or 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Any more than that, and we’re all but boiling the world. What’s worse, this means that by the year 2100, we’ll have virtually no more Amazon rain forest. Wolfgang Cramer, a climatologist at Germany’s Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, projects that at least 83 percent of the rain forest will be gone by century’s end. Amazingly, that might be a conservative estimate, as it’s based on the possibility that the atmosphere will release extra carbon dioxide and help protect the rain forest from drought. Problem is, that might not happen, and if it doesn’t, as Kramer so grimly put it, “We risk losing the entire Amazon.” That is, provided we haven’t lost our lives to heat stroke before then.