What will happen before the year 2100

India will become more populated than China by 2022

China’s been the most populated country on Earth for quite some time, but the way things are going, don’t expect their reign on top to last much longer. A 2015 study of global population trends conducted by the United Nations, shows that by 2022 the new undisputed champion of too many people will be India. Previously, it was thought India would take the top spot by 2028, so clearly they’ve been working on making more babies than originally thought.

In addition, the UN predicted that the United States will no longer be the third most-populated country by 2050. Rather, Nigeria will take the bronze, as Africa is expected to add more than half of the world’s new people by that magical year. If that’s not enough, the UN expects overall population growth to skyrocket to unprecedented levels. By 2050, it expects 9.7 billion people in the world, and by the end of the century a smothering 11.2 billion. Those numbers alone are incredible, but when you consider that in 1900, Earth housed a mere 1.6 billion people, it’s almost stupefying to realize she could be putting up with 10 billion more just two centuries later.