What will happen before the year 2100

We’ll be on Mars by the mid-2030s

We haven’t been to the Moon since the 1970s, but that’s okay. We have another goal in mind now: walking on Mars. It’s a pipe dream that may soon become reality, if one of the many organizations trying to pull it off have anything to say about it.

On August 30, 2011, ten space agencies from all over the world met as the International Space Exploration Coordination Group (ISECG), to discuss plans to visit the Red Planet and perhaps exact revenge on Marvin the Martian for his continued plans to destroy Earth. The hope is to get humans on Mars by the mid-2030s. They currently plan to do it one of two ways: sending astronauts back to the Moon or conducting manned missions on a nearby asteroid first. Either path should help the astronauts chilling on those dead space rocks to work on the technology necessary to first perfect robotic missions to Mars, and then eventually make manned missions a reality.

The ultimate goal is to focus on Mars as a possible new home for humans, whether Earth is still in good shape or not. That’s all well and good, provided we eventually give Mars what it really, truly needs: cheerleaders.