Who would book non-hotel accommodations and why

Are you one of those who have been exploring accommodation options other than hotels or non-hotel accommodations (NHAs)? Platforms that offer homestays or home rental options have proliferated over this decade.

Agoda who are one the world’s largest accommodation booking platforms, recently conducted a survey to look at the motivations and booking behaviours driving the rise in NHAs, which would include homestays and rental properties. Agoda’s inventory of worldwide properties has includes such options for many years. These are some of the results of that survey.

1. Travellers are more likely to stay in a home when close to home

Domestic travellers are more likely to book homestays. But they are also more likely to consider booking privately-owned homes/apartments when travelling to neighbouring countries.

Travellers from Indonesia (79%), Singapore (71%), Philippines (82%) and Thailand (80%) will most likely consider booking homestays when travelling within Asia. Similarly, travellers from Britain (88%), United States (84%) and Australia (75%) will most likely consider booking a privately-owned home within their home continent.

2. Reasons for choosing a hotel alternative varies across countries

Indonesians (55%), Malaysians (54%) and Filipinos (53%) will book NHAs to accommodate families and large groups. Meanwhile, Singaporeans (57%), Thais (54%) and Australians (46%) view NHAs as a less expensive option to a hotel room.

Adventurous Chinese travellers mostly consider NHAs to get a more local travel experience (55%).

3. NHA types

Among non-hotel bookers, there is a clear trend in the most popular type of NHAs booked per market

♦ B&Bs rank first for Filipino travellers, with 53% of those surveyed having booked one in the past year

♦ Private homes are among the favourites for travellers from Singapore (44%), Malaysia (40%) and Australia (38%)

♦ Villas and guest houses are well liked by Indonesian (37%, 36%) and Thai (31%, 32%) travellers

The agoda Travel & Tech Study is based on a survey of 16,000 plus respondents aged 18-64 across 15 countries and covers the motivations and booking behaviour of travellers in the age of tech innovation.